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Product Features

Built for the Unique Needs of Dance Studios


Our flexible online registration flow allows you to collect the information you choose. Customers can register and enroll in classes, resulting in prompts that you can easily review and approve.


Setting up classes for an upcoming season is a breeze. As classes fill up, our software will track and alert you to any conflicts among your students, instructors, and rooms.

Billing & Payments

Enter tuition amounts, and then auto-calculate billing for your whole studio. Batch process credit card payments for all clients at once. Self-serve tools allow clients to update their payment information and review their billing history.

Time Tracking

Track and report on staff hours working at the studio or teaching classes. Enter time worked by hour or by class, and easily generate payroll reports.


Schedule performances and recitals, including sizing and billing for costumes. Our software helps ensure that dancers have enough time between numbers, and that family members all perform together.


Assess every aspect of your business, with over 200 reports for your studio’s finances, enrollment, attendance, accounts, and students.

Akada Express

A Mobile Solution for Tracking Class Attendance

Our dance studio software is supported by a companion app, Akada Express, that allows you to easily track your class schedule and record attendance. There’s no need to fuss with pen-and-paper, or lug a laptop to each session. Seamlessly integrated with your Akada Software account, Akada Express is ideal for dance instructors on the move.

Akada Portal

Coming Soon: Level-up your studio's efficiency with our upcoming mobile app.

Our new portal app is set to streamline studio management with effortless enrollment, simplified registrations, and efficient invoice handling. Elevate communication through push notifications, fostering stronger connections with parents and students. Enhance your customer experience with our user-friendly portal. Stay tuned for the upcoming app, for an unmatched dance studio experience!

Benefits of Akada

Empower Your Dance Studio Business


Reducing administrative effort allows you to focus on your students and growing your business.


Avoid missed payments, scheduling conflicts, and other inevitable hazards of manual activity.

Customer Satisfaction

Deliver an efficient scheduling and payment process, allowing clients to focus on amazing performances.


Zoom in on the details, or take a 1,000-foot view to spot the trends and possibilities for your business.

Crafting Dance Studio Solutions for Over 25 Years

For over 25 years we have listened to dance studio owners to understand their needs and build digital tools to improve their productivity and reduce administrative hassles. Akada integrates capabilities for registration, scheduling, payments, and so much more. The result is an intuitive out-of-the-box experience, fine-tuned for the unique demands of dance studios.

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