Every Feature For Every Customer​

A full-featured solution for studios large and small

Most cloud-based software limits the full set of features to only the highest-paying tier of customers. We believe it’s important for all of our customers to feel completely supported by our platform. Our tier-based pricing includes our full suite of dance studio software features, for everyone.

100 Students

$0 Per Month

250 Students

$45 Per Month

500 Students

$60 Per Month

1000 Students

$75 Per Month

1500 Students

$90 Per Month

2000 Students

$105 Per Month

3000 Students

$120 Per Month

3000+ Students

$135 Per Month

Product Features

Built for the Unique Needs of Dance Studios


Automate online registration, with admin functions for review and approvals.


Easily schedule classes, enroll students, and find scheduling conflicts.

Billing & Payments

Calculate tuition charges and process digital payments from customers.

Time Tracking

Track and report on staff hours working at the studio or teaching classes.


Schedule performances and recitals, including sizing and billing for costumes.


200+ reports for finances, enrollment, attendance, accounts, and students.

Optimize your Dance Studio Operations with Akada Software​