Five Ways to Boost Summer Enrollment

Strategizing and creativity can help prevent cash-flow problems that occur during the summer for dance studio owners.

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When the temperature rises, enrollment in dance studios tends to fall. Whether families are taking a vacation or just taking a break, this swing can cause cash-flow challenges. Thankfully, strategizing and creativity can help prevent cash-flow problems that occur during the summer for dance studio owners. Here are five ways to ease the burden and keep enrollment steady.

Do something different

Even the most committed students sometimes need a change of pace. Consider themed camps and shorter classes that focus on the fun. This may also attract new students looking for something to do during the summer.

Be flexible

Offering a mix of classes with relaxed rules for enrollment allows families to take a class one week and go on vacation the next. Studio teachers may also enjoy the break from full-time classes, which helps them feel refreshed and ready to teach.

Appeal to the youngsters

Weekly themed classes for the younger dancers with a mix of dance, crafts, and fun will keep them – and their parents – happy and ready for more. Use popular movies, books, or shows for themes to really get their attention. 

Focus on Technique

Near the end of spring, ask students what their summer goals are. Have an open and honest conversation about improvement and offer the opportunity to take steps toward those goals over the summer. Technique intensive classes will help students work toward goals and create a buzz for the fall.

Rent the space

If the studio is short on teachers for the summer, or the owner needs a break, there is the option of renting the space for fitness classes. Whether it’s for special needs, senior fitness classes, or as an indoor play center to give parents and children a break from the heat, renting the space could be a low-stress way to bring in money. 

Every student looks to create a perfect summer, so get creative and partner up with them. Not only will the studio get used and summer won’t be as lean, but as a dance studio owner, you will have a part in creating fun and lasting memories for the families in your community. 

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